Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Traveling With Your Pet Dog or Cat - Have Emergency Numbers With You

We love traveling with our dogs. Whether across town or across country we take them along. But what happens if you have an accident. Worse yet, what would happen to your dog if you are hurt bad enough you have to go to the hospital?

If you are unconscious or so badly shaken that you go into shock, chances are the animal control officer would be called to the scene to take charge of your dog. It would be up to them if the dog goes to a veterinarian or to the animal shelter/city pound.

This could be prevented by a small 3x5 index card that you have readily visible in your vehicle. This 3x5 card should have the dogs name and any pertinent information about your dog. Things like medication being taken, allergies, or behavior issues that someone needs to be aware of. Then have two or three local names and phone numbers (home and cell if possible) on the card. So someone would be able to call those numbers and have a friend or family member come and get your dog. Your veterinarians name and phone number would also be a good idea, in case the dog is hurt too.If you are going to travel out of the local area you will want to make a separate card for your trip. You will want the dogs name and information on this card as well.

But you will want to include not only the local information but also your destination information, with at least one contact number from there. That way should something happen as you are getting close to your destination you would get help for your dog quicker. Two examples: You could take a photo of your dog and on the back of the photo, with a permanent pen write the information. Then tape the photo to your dash someplace visible. Be sure to have the words "In case of emergency" written on the front, so someone will know there is more information on the back.

Another possible way would be to take your 3x5 card or photo with the information printed on it and laminate it, punch a small hole in the top and hang it from your rear view mirror. (Be careful as not to block your line of site.) You never expect an accident to happen but by being prepared you won't have regrets later. Happy and safe traveling.

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