Wednesday, April 15, 2009

House Train Your Dog Quickly and Easily

Trying to house train your dog can sometimes seem difficult and frustrating. This is especially true when you don't know where to start. There are a few things to remember when housebreaking your new pet.

Try to give your pet a limited amount of space. This will help to make a more confined area and help your pet to recognize this as his living space more quickly. This is important because it is the dog's nature to be outside of their living space when urinating. When our pet finally decides that this is his home, he will try to keep it clean. You can also purchase your pet a crate. Line the new crate with old newspapers. This is a good idea at first because it will make clean easier. Confine your pet to areas of the home that are easier to clean such as rooms with vinyl flooring or tile surfaces. Do not let your new pet have access to your carpet or hardwood floors.

Try to remember to limit the amount of water your dog has access to at the end of the day. This will make sure that you will not have to take your new pet out at midnight for a potty break. Take a quick walk outside at regular intervals. Your pet will become accustomed to this schedule and begin to know when it is time for him to go out. This will make it easier as your pet will then know that he will be going out very soon. Be certain to us one certain word to tell your pet why he is going out. Do not return indoors until your pet has urinated. Remember to reward your new pet for a job well done. A simple pat on the head or "good boy" will do the trick.

If your pet does have an accident indoors, correct him immediately. You should make sure that your supervise your pet closely enough to do this. Your new pet is very intelligent, however short term memory is a weak point for most dogs. If you do not correct your pet immediately after the accident has happened, you pet will not realize what he is being scolded for. Make sure to thoroughly clean the area as dogs really do try to mark their territory. You should make sure that any odor from the accident is cleaned up so that your pet will not return to that area and smell the soil. If he does, he may exhibit the same bad behavior in the same location.

Following these simple suggestion should make house training your new pet a little bit easier. This should help save your carpets and your relationship with you new pet.

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